What services are available at Medowie Medical Centre?

We look after people of all ages and can help you with all the problems seen in a traditional general practice.


Are you unwell and feel you need treatment or a medical certificate? We keep a number of on-the-day appointments for situations like these.


Do you need chronic disease monitoring and management? This would include high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes etc.


Do you need health screening? We can help you with appropriate health checks, the four year old health check, regular diabetes check ups, advice for screening for inherited illness and risk.


Does your child need immunisation?


Do you need antenatal care?


Do you need advice about infant feeding, your children's health, childhood behavioural challenges?



We can help you.



Do you need information about services in the local area to help manage your health? We can help you decide who are the best people to assist you maintin your health.


Do you need to access Medicare's enhanced primary care programme? This funds visits by clients with chronic (ongoing) health problems to allied health practitioners in the private system.


This includes podiatrists, dietitians, physiotherapists, osteopaths and diabetes educators.


Do you have a mental health problem?


Have you been injured at work?


Do you need travel medicine advice?


Have you found a skin lesion that may need treatment?


Do you need wound management?


We can help you.



After Hours


The local division of general practice, Hunter Urban Medicare Local, or GP Access, provides after-hours care for our patients.

Consultations are at the Calvary Mater Hospital. These are bulk-billed.

Call 1300 130 147. A nurse will advise you on what to do for symptom relief or will make an appointment for you .


Your medical record is confidential. We maintain security of information at all times. All staff respect your confidentiality.

Telephone access All calls to the GP - when in consultation with patients - are triaged by our nurse. 

Quality assurance We endeavour to maintain a high standard of medical care. We value constructive feedback either in person or in writing.


Get in Touch


6a Waropara Rd

Medowie 2318

02 49 818 002

Line 2: 49817071


02 49 818 010

After hours:

GP access 1300 130 147


Ambulance 000

International Emergency 112

Text-based emergency number for people who are hearing or speech impaired: 106

This service operates using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem access.