Practice information Sheet
Medowie Medical Centre is an accredited general practice that has been working with the local community since 2000. The solo GP is Rajan Sarin. Our reception staff are Natalie, Celia and Kim.


The practice opens at 8:30 each weekday. We close at 5 to 5:30. Lunch is between 1pm and 2pm. Appointments are required. These appointments are made in good faith but consultations can be more complex than anticipated by either the patient or the GP so we can run late. Patients are encouraged to ring close to their appointment time to minimise waiting time in the surgery. Long consultations are available - mention this when you phone to book. Phone calls are taken in relation to recent consultations. Attendance is required for repeat prescriptions and referrals. During the COVID-19 pandemic the Federal government is funding telephone consultations.

Home visits In special circumstances home visits are available. Please discuss this with the doctor.

Emergencies We see patients without appointments for emergencies and keep a number of appointments spare each day for acute illnesses and urgent problems. If you have chest pain, timely treatment is essential and calling an ambulance is the correct management. The phone number for the ambulance service is 000. If you do not have ambulance cover, this may be a reminder for you that cover is inexpensive and recommended for anyone who has neither a government benefit eg Newstart or pension, or private health insurance. Here's a link to the Ambulance Service of NSW for info about cover and costs.


 Fees If you are on an age or disability pension, Newstart or Youth Allowance, or are a child under 15, you will be bulk-billed. If you are on a health care card but not covered by the benefits already mentioned, you will be charged a reduced fee. For all other patients the charge is $70 for a standard consultation and $100 for a long consultation. A list of fees is available at reception. HIC online is available - if Medicare has your bank details your rebate will be deposited directly into your bank account.  Payment at the time of consultation is required.  


Immunisation All routine childhood vaccinations are provided, and we prescribe and administer all occupational, student and travel vaccinations. Travel advice is provided: please make an appointment to discuss your requirements. Ideally this would be six weeks before departure but closer to your trip it is still possible to do everything you need. We can tell you where Yellow Fever vaccines are administered.


Medicals are available for occupational, licensing and insurance needs. Some of these do not attract a Medicare rebate. Procedures We carry out skin checks and provide cryotherapy or freezing therapy for sunspots. If you need an excision we can recommend a number of practices who carry these out.


Antenatal care We provide shared antenatal care for patients who are planning to deliver at John Hunter or Maitland Hospitals. Sexual health We provide advice in all areas of sexual health including contraception, sexually transmitted infections and Pap smears.


Reminders and recalls It is important for us to have up-to-date contact details for you in case we need to contact you about abnormal imaging or pathology results. We have a reminder system for Pap smears. Your responsibilities Provision of health care involves a responsible partnership between the GP and patient. We try to assist with all matters related to your health or illness. We insist that you phone us or make an appointment with us to discuss pathology or imaging results. We don't believe that 'no news is good news' is a safe approach to dealing with investigations and your result will be dealt with in the timeliest fashion if you call us rather than waiting for us to contact you.


After Hours


The local division of general practice, Hunter Urban Medicare Local, or GP Access, provides after-hours care for our patients.

Consultations are at the Calvary Mater Hospital. These are bulk-billed.

Call 1300 130 147. A nurse will advise you on what to do for symptom relief or will make an appointment for you .


Your medical record is confidential. We maintain security of information at all times. All staff respect your confidentiality.

Telephone access All calls to the GP - when in consultation with patients - are triaged by our nurse. 

Quality assurance We endeavour to maintain a high standard of medical care. We value constructive feedback either in person or in writing.


Get in Touch


6a Waropara Rd

Medowie 2318

02 49 818 002

Line 2: 49817071


02 49 818 010

After hours:

GP access 1300 130 147


Ambulance 000

International Emergency 112

Text-based emergency number for people who are hearing or speech impaired: 106

This service operates using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem access.